Return Policy

When processing an order it can take upwards of 30-90 days to place in various markets.  During this time the client may call and cancel their order at any moment.  If a cancellation is made the client will not be obligated to pay recurring, monthly fees for the service they had signed up for.  However, the set-up fee is non-refundable.  This is because we have already performed the work in order to create your listing and a tremendous amount of work goes into your customized marketing.

If a customer happens to be paying recurring monthly payments in the middle of the service and wishes to cancel the contract they may do so.  In order for this to work they will need to contact our customer service and discuss the situation with a representative.  Once the situation has been addressed and the contract is terminated the client will need to pay whatever time is remaining on the contract in full.  Once paid the client has then fulfilled their obligations under the contract.

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