Claudia Ortiz has generated controversy since before being appointed at the end of 2018. The first thing that happened with the name of this lawyer from the Democratic Center when she began to sound to enter the government, had to do with her past. The first charge for which it sounded was that of director of the Protection Unit, to which opposing leaders opposed the guarantees of neutrality that this position supposes. Not in vain, they discovered several trills in which he showed offensive attitudes towards former President Juan Manuel Santos, the left and other protagonists of the peace agreement. If she had been in that position, she would have had to be in charge of the security schemes of those figures

President Ivan Duque decided not to appoint her in that position and instead gave him the address of the Rural Development Agency in the middle of another controversy. This was due to the little experience accredited by Mrs. Ortiz in matters related to agriculture and the fact that the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia, suggested that the name had been imposed on her. Additionally, the fact that they would have changed the Manual of Functions of the Agency to adjust it to Ortiz’s training and that she would have accredited her experience, before the Department of Public Function, with a declaration in a notary office, jumped to the media.

After three months at the head of this Agency, the Attorney General’s Office decided to suspend for three months this lawyer from Otanche (Boyacá), since she would be participating in politics, which public officials are prohibited. According to reports made by another politician from that department, she would be campaigning against Guillermo Sánchez, a candidate for the governorship of Boyacá of the Democratic Center, a party of which Ortiz is an activist.

WEEK met the document of the Attorney General’s Office explaining the reasons for the suspension of Ortiz. This file was sent to President Iván Duque by the Procurator on March 15, and the following reasons are noted:

-The Procurator’s Office identifies that Mrs. Claudia Ortiz is the one who appears in some photos published on the page of the W, in which she appears in a political meeting organized in favor of Mr. Sánchez. It is also reported that Minister Valencia asked Ortiz about this fact, which she denied having coincided “in any space” with a candidate.

-It is suggested that Mrs. Ortiz has been developing institutional events of the Rural Development Agency throughout the Department, in which the candidate Sánchez, candidate for the Democratic Center for the Interior, would have been invited.

– The Attorney General’s office finds merits to open the investigation in accordance with Article 152 of Law 734 of 2002, which establishes that candidates can not participate in institutional events.

– The suspension is due to a fault considered serious and is made with the purpose that Mrs. Ortiz does not have the opportunity to influence, from her position of power, in the results of the investigation or to repeat the conduct.

-The Attorney General ordered a visit to the Rural Development Agency to investigate the act of appointment, possession, execution of services and salary of Mrs. Ortiz. Also pick up the oath of candidate Sanchez and the mayor of Sativanorte, municipality in which the prosecuting act would have taken place with resources from the Agency.

Although the operative part of this decision was communicated to President Duque last Friday, at the Palacio de Nariño no statements on the matter will be made until the Attorney General’s Office concludes the investigation. For now the only thing clear is that so far the President, Claudia Ortiz has given many headaches.