“I do not accept blackmail or Petro, or anyone”: Claudia López

The former senator will face Antonio Navarro in the race to reach the mayor of Bogotá. The results of the survey that will define who will represent the Green Alliance will be announced on April 11. These are his proposals and some of his political strategies. WEEK: On April 11 we will know who will be the representative of the Green Alliance in this political race. How is that process going to be? Claudia López:We have already had several meetings with Antonio and with several pollsters. It will be a very broad and representative survey of the entire city, by men and women, by different age groups and on April 11 we will know who won the survey. This is the third time that we are going to compete, so everything is fine, all love, fraternity. Whoever wins will support the other with complete security. WEEK: Since everything is love and fraternity among you, what are the differences between choosing you or Navarro? CL: I really have a hard time making that comparison here. There is a lot of affection and a lot of respect. The differences in general terms are obvious because I am a woman, I am 49 years old, I

The Attorney’s observations in the case of Claudia Ortiz

Claudia Ortiz has generated controversy since before being appointed at the end of 2018. The first thing that happened with the name of this lawyer from the Democratic Center when she began to sound to enter the government, had to do with her past. The first charge for which it sounded was that of director of the Protection Unit, to which opposing leaders opposed the guarantees of neutrality that this position supposes. Not in vain, they discovered several trills in which he showed offensive attitudes towards former President Juan Manuel Santos, the left and other protagonists of the peace agreement. If she had been in that position, she would have had to be in charge of the security schemes of those figures President Ivan Duque decided not to appoint her in that position and instead gave him the address of the Rural Development Agency in the middle of another controversy. This was due to the little experience accredited by Mrs. Ortiz in matters related to agriculture and the fact that the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia, suggested that the name had been imposed on her. Additionally, the fact that they would have changed the Manual of Functions of the Agency