What are the trends that will mark fashion in 2019?

Fashion is one of the great cycles that are repeated over and over again. That is why it is not strange that when analyzing their journey, familiar elements appear, such as jeans, denim, silk, flowers and extravagant colors in dresses and shirts. That is why what we saw a decade ago came back with a different air, which makes it unique. That's why the great designers are willing to reinvent the business to present something radically different from something very well known. Thanks to that we must bear in mind that the garments express an identity, a style and a thought, that should fit with you. See below the five trends that arrive for 2019. Denim, a fabric that does not go out of style The versatility, comfort and resistance makes this fabric one of the most desired in the fashion industry. From basic jeans, to a denim shirt should be in your wardrobe for this year. It is one of the few fabrics that are between elegance and casual style. On the other hand, its high variety of colors and style will allow you to combine your other clothes to go to the office or attend a party. Crop top, from the gym to

Why does fashion tend to repeat itself?

The trend of fashion is to travel in time. The clothes that we use today go through a temporary eclecticism of times that many only knew in their childhood or youth (or through television series). Rehabilitating styles of the past is the generalized aesthetic line that for several years, fashionistas, icons, designers, television personalities and critics have been suggesting. "One of the premises is that fashion is cyclical. The last silhouette in the world of fashion was invented in 1969, since then there have been reinventions and reinterpretations, and it depends on the social context that an aesthetic path is directed. At this moment there is a kind of nostalgia in front of the 90s and the 80s: Stranger Things or Glow are series to which people have responded positively. And fashion obviously takes advantage of this, "says Colombian designer Alejandra Parra, creator, and designer of the ParraParodi brand. A few weeks ago, at Fashion Week in Paris, the '70s returned to the catwalk as the revelation of the moment. The earthy ranges, the dark denim, the flared skirts, opulent prints, loose garments, tracksuit dresses, crop tops, and the bell boots were garments that set the aesthetic premise of this year. But