“I do not accept blackmail or Petro, or anyone”: Claudia López

The former senator will face Antonio Navarro in the race to reach the mayor of Bogotá. The results of the survey that will define who will represent the Green Alliance will be announced on April 11. These are his proposals and some of his political strategies. WEEK: On April 11 we will know who will be the representative of the Green Alliance in this political race. How is that process going to be? Claudia López:We have already had several meetings with Antonio and with several pollsters. It will be a very broad and representative survey of the entire city, by men and women, by different age groups and on April 11 we will know who won the survey. This is the third time that we are going to compete, so everything is fine, all love, fraternity. Whoever wins will support the other with complete security. WEEK: Since everything is love and fraternity among you, what are the differences between choosing you or Navarro? CL: I really have a hard time making that comparison here. There is a lot of affection and a lot of respect. The differences in general terms are obvious because I am a woman, I am 49 years old, I

The Attorney’s observations in the case of Claudia Ortiz

Claudia Ortiz has generated controversy since before being appointed at the end of 2018. The first thing that happened with the name of this lawyer from the Democratic Center when she began to sound to enter the government, had to do with her past. The first charge for which it sounded was that of director of the Protection Unit, to which opposing leaders opposed the guarantees of neutrality that this position supposes. Not in vain, they discovered several trills in which he showed offensive attitudes towards former President Juan Manuel Santos, the left and other protagonists of the peace agreement. If she had been in that position, she would have had to be in charge of the security schemes of those figures President Ivan Duque decided not to appoint her in that position and instead gave him the address of the Rural Development Agency in the middle of another controversy. This was due to the little experience accredited by Mrs. Ortiz in matters related to agriculture and the fact that the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia, suggested that the name had been imposed on her. Additionally, the fact that they would have changed the Manual of Functions of the Agency

Madrid Games Week 2018 PC

If I think about the first edition of Madrid Games Week that I went to, good memories come to me. It was my first event accredited as a press, I met with the compañeros of Mundogamers (with enough, although we always needed the damn Rafa) and I met other compis of the videogame press. I lived that fair with great enthusiasm, and that almost did not play anything. Now, however, it seems that Madrid Games Week has changed its focus and it does not seem the same to me now. In Spain, more and more people are betting on the world of videogames and esports, and yet we keep falling behind in too many aspects. Yes, I liked going to the Madrid Games Week 2018 , but it's not like it was before . Do not get me wrong. The deployment of IFEMA and AEVI has not been bad. The fair has occupied pavilions 12, 14 and 14.1, filling the venue with more than 40 thousand square meters of exhibition with video games, electronic sports, anime, robotics and even Japanese food. A varied catalog that was also as far as the list of video games is concerned: Kingdom Hearts 3


What we like is to travel by plane with little luggage and optimize the little space of a carry-on bag as much as possible. Traveling light has many advantages, but sometimes, it is difficult to reduce everything you need in your trip to the tight measures that airlines allow. There are some tricks to fold the clothes so that occupy up to half the space and there are also some travel items that will help you put everything in a suitcase to travel by plane . On this occasion we will mention 15 of these items that can solve many space problems and help you optimize and simplify your luggage. ESSENTIAL ITEMS TO MAKE A SUITCASE WELL When we speak of a suitcase we also refer to a backpack and always bearing in mind that the maximum weight allowed is usually 10kg and that the maximum measures allowed by airlines are 55 x 40 x 20 cm for Ryanair and Vueling, 56 x 45 x 25cm for Easyjet and Iberia or 55cm x 35cm x 25cm for Air Europa. In these dimensions would enter the handles, wheels and pockets of suitcases or backpacks. That is why it is so important to reduce everything

Check the healthiest country in the world

The index gives Spain an overall score of 92.8 out of 100, and its rise in the last two years has been vertiginous. In 2017, our country occupied the sixth position in this table. Today already heads the list, ahead of nations such as Iceland, Japan and Switzerland. The Bloomberg classification evaluates 169 economies around the world, based on factors that contribute to overall health, such as physical activity, the health system, food, life expectancy or access to drinking water. Obesity, smoking or alcohol consumption are aspects that are also taken into account in the development of the study, and that subtract points. The report highlights two key aspects in which Spain borders on excellence. On the one hand, a Primary Care that is "essentially provided by public providers, specialized family doctors and nurses, who provide preventive services to children, women and the elderly, and acute and chronic care". And, on the other hand, the " Mediterranean diet , supplemented with extra virgin olive oil or nuts", which favors cardiovascular health. It is clear that these data are good, but is there room for improvement? We think so. The healthiest country ... with one of the highest rates of obesity Spain is

6 ways to avoid the cold (or recover before)

Clogged noses, watery eyes and irritated throats. Who is not afraid of colds in winter? Three out of four citizens suffer from the flu, catch a cold or catch a cold at least once a year , says the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians ( Semergen ). The cold months, although also the changes of season, are the times of the year when it is more usual to catch a cold. Luckily there are some tricks that help to give slip to the colds or, if it is already late, at least recover soon and that their annoying symptoms happen as soon as possible . 1. Sleep well The restful sleep has many benefits, among which are advantages such as looking an enviable complexion or keep the mind agile and fit. But sleep well, repeat the experts, also helps protect against colds. A study conducted by the University of California (USA) reveals that the hours of sleep are a determining factor to fall ill and that can mean the difference between catching a cold or not. According to this research, people who sleep less than six hours a day are more likely to catch a cold . And the difference is

What are the trends that will mark fashion in 2019?

Fashion is one of the great cycles that are repeated over and over again. That is why it is not strange that when analyzing their journey, familiar elements appear, such as jeans, denim, silk, flowers and extravagant colors in dresses and shirts. That is why what we saw a decade ago came back with a different air, which makes it unique. That's why the great designers are willing to reinvent the business to present something radically different from something very well known. Thanks to that we must bear in mind that the garments express an identity, a style and a thought, that should fit with you. See below the five trends that arrive for 2019. Denim, a fabric that does not go out of style The versatility, comfort and resistance makes this fabric one of the most desired in the fashion industry. From basic jeans, to a denim shirt should be in your wardrobe for this year. It is one of the few fabrics that are between elegance and casual style. On the other hand, its high variety of colors and style will allow you to combine your other clothes to go to the office or attend a party. Crop top, from the gym to

Why does fashion tend to repeat itself?

The trend of fashion is to travel in time. The clothes that we use today go through a temporary eclecticism of times that many only knew in their childhood or youth (or through television series). Rehabilitating styles of the past is the generalized aesthetic line that for several years, fashionistas, icons, designers, television personalities and critics have been suggesting. "One of the premises is that fashion is cyclical. The last silhouette in the world of fashion was invented in 1969, since then there have been reinventions and reinterpretations, and it depends on the social context that an aesthetic path is directed. At this moment there is a kind of nostalgia in front of the 90s and the 80s: Stranger Things or Glow are series to which people have responded positively. And fashion obviously takes advantage of this, "says Colombian designer Alejandra Parra, creator, and designer of the ParraParodi brand. A few weeks ago, at Fashion Week in Paris, the '70s returned to the catwalk as the revelation of the moment. The earthy ranges, the dark denim, the flared skirts, opulent prints, loose garments, tracksuit dresses, crop tops, and the bell boots were garments that set the aesthetic premise of this year. But


Globalization 4.0: Configuration of a global architecture in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This has been the star theme that has been discussed these days in the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF), in the Swiss city of Davos (what we commonly know as the Davos Forum). And, whether we want it or not, we are immersed in the greatest of the social and industrial revolutions of humanity. The problem is that, because the fish does not feel the water in which it lives, we are not aware of the changes that are taking place continuously. GLOBALIZATION 4.0 This new term has been coined by the president of the WEF, Professor Klaus Schwab. And it responds to the combination of two concepts that define the world in which we live: Globalization Industry 4.0 Globalization consists of the integration of the different societies of the world in a single market. Today we all buy and sell globally. The customers, the suppliers are anywhere in the world. Raw materials and consumers have no borders. In the same way talent, knowledge also moves with freedom. Communication, social networks are new channels through which the news flows (also the fake news ) with total freedom. Industry 4.0 or


By Mike Souheil | Do you know the keys to success in your startup? The implementation of a new project carries with it insecurities that may or may not make the project a long journey. In our country, we have a total of 3,258 startups of which almost 1,200 have been created in 2019 according to the Startup Ecosystem Overview 2019 Report. Although the projects increase, many of them end up failing because they do not take into account basic errors. ThePowerMBA business school highlights the keys to encouraging fewer and fewer startups to fail. ThePowerMBA leads the transformation in business training. It is an initiative that supports an online business program based on short, unconventional classes. Among the keys to achieving business success are the importance of an adequate business formation and not skip any step in each stage of life of the startup. KEYS TO SUCCESS IN YOUR STARTUP 1.-Assess if the idea fits with the founders. To choose a project it is necessary to check if the idea (business model) and the founders fit. For this purpose, the implications of the idea (competencies, efforts, capital ...) must be identified and the founders are the right people for the project, taking