What we like is to travel by plane with little luggage and optimize the little space of a carry-on bag as much as possible. Traveling light has many advantages, but sometimes, it is difficult to reduce everything you need in your trip to the tight measures that airlines allow.

There are some tricks to fold the clothes so that occupy up to half the space and there are also some travel items that will help you put everything in a suitcase to travel by plane . On this occasion we will mention 15 of these items that can solve many space problems and help you optimize and simplify your luggage.

When we speak of a suitcase we also refer to a backpack and always bearing in mind that the maximum weight allowed is usually 10kg and that the maximum measures allowed by airlines are 55 x 40 x 20 cm for Ryanair and Vueling, 56 x 45 x 25cm for Easyjet and Iberia or 55cm x 35cm x 25cm for Air Europa.

In these dimensions would enter the handles, wheels and pockets of suitcases or backpacks. That is why it is so important to reduce everything you need to take for your plane trip to the maximum. In it, these 10 travel articles will help you a lot:

Preparing the vanity case is one of the most important parts to know how to make the suitcase well, since it occupies a considerable part of the space and sometimes we carry products that we can not leave at home.

That’s why we advise you to buy a complete kit that will be useful for all the trips you make.

We advise you to have a folding and compact case , that is not rigid and that adapts to the shape of your suitcase or backpack so that it occupies as little as possible. If it is much better waterproof, it is already known that liquids tend to spill with all the hustle and bustle of the suitcases?

This is one of the must for any traveler. Having your mobile phone, your camera or your music player at all times is vital to enjoy your trip.

You do not want to run out of batteries when you need to take souvenir photos, not be able to make calls at a certain time or not have enough battery to listen to music during a long plane trip …

For this, batteries or portable chargers are the best invention. With a single charge of the battery you can charge up to 6 times the mobile phone and just take up space in the suitcase. In fact they take up less space than if you were carrying a cable for each device.

To compare a travel charger , what we recommend you look at are the mAh (between 15600 and 25000) and the number of USB ports, mainly.

Traveling by plane with a fanny pack is a very practical travel option for several reasons; This garment does not count as additional luggage, so you can take advantage of your small space to store more things.

Without getting to load it a lot, you can carry belongings you will need, such as your passport, boarding pass, money, keys, mobile phone …

If you travel for work and you need to carry shirts in your suitcase you will know how complicated it is that these garments do not wrinkle and arrive in good condition at your destination.

A good trick so that the clothes that you carry in your suitcase arrive correctly is to keep them inside a suitcase of travel with size of suitcase of cabin. Here you can hang your shirts in an orderly way and avoid them from spoiling during the journey.

If the previous option does not convince you because you simply need to wear a pair of shirts and you want to fill the suitcase with more things, get a shirt folder for travel would be an ideal option.

In the same way, your clothes will arrive ordered and without wrinkles to your travel destination.

Another easy way to organize clothes in the suitcase is by separating the clean clothes you have already used. This can be done by carrying inside your luggage travel bags for dirty clothes , they do not weigh anything and in case your suitcase or backpack does not have many sections, they will help you keep all the clothes neat.

As soon as you start to use and carry fiber towels in your backpack or suitcase, you will no longer use traditional towels. This type of towels do not occupy practically space, dry and dry much faster and are economical.

We always talk to you about how to carry liquids in your plane luggage and for that it is best to have a case or set of travel-sized liquids , that you can fill, that occupies little space and that you can comfortably take out in the safety control of the airports.

If you are going to travel to a rainy weather destination, you better go prepared with an umbrella or raincoat. These products are easy to find in travel size, they occupy very little space and can save you from more than one dip wherever you are traveling.

To buy a mini travel umbrella or a raincoat what you have to take into account is the quality and that they have a case where they can be stored so they do not mix with the rest of your luggage.

If you want to know how to make the perfect suitcase and carry all your belongings in a strict order within this, the games or set of travel bags can be of great help. So you can separate footwear, for example, find more quickly what you need inside the suitcase.

Another essential when preparing a suitcase to travel by plane is a small kit where you can store the basic medicines for the trip.

If you carry a reasonable amount for personal use there should be no problem for transporting medicines in the cabin bag and take them inside this case will help you to have everything much more organized.

If you love technology and can not travel without all your electronic devices, a very useful way to sort all your cables in the suitcase and that these do not run between them or deteriorate along the way is a cable organizer .

This is nothing more than a case with compartments to store all your cables, plugs, pendrives, smartphone …

Although they may look like a classic, a travel pillow can help you avoid bad postures and endless trips. There are already portable pillows designed especially to be practical at the same time that they occupy little space.

To make a trip by plane and carry little luggage , the ideal is an inflatable pillow that you can keep in your case and always carry it by hand. If you also get a mask and earplugs for noise there will be no one to bother you on the whole trip.

Another essential item to make a good suitcase that we recommend is the luggage locks .

Needless to say, if you are going to travel to the United States, you will get a TSA padlock to facilitate the possible registration of your checked bag at the airport. If this is not your destination, we also advise you to protect your suitcase with a specific closure for it, be it hand luggage or checked luggage.

Finally, if you travel frequently you will know that in many countries the plugs of the plugs are different and that if you do not want to have problems to use them when traveling, you will have to carry with you a valid plug adapter.

There are plugs type A, B, C, D, E … In Spain we use the plug C (europlug) and F, in the United States and Latin America use the type A and B, in France the type E …

That’s why we recommend you buy a universal plug adapter that works for everyone, so you do not have to change adapters if you change your country. Make sure you buy a folding one, small in size and lightweight, and leave it in your suitcase or backpack to take with you on all your trips.

In this map you can see what types of plugs are used in each country.

But before purchasing these 15 travel items that will help you put everything in your carry-on bag make sure you choose the perfect backpack or suitcase for your trip by plane, that meets the measurements, that it is of quality and that it has enough compartments to Take it as organized as possible.